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little hand-drawn maps seeks to aggregate maps that have been drawn informally and personally, and that are for the most part specific to a particular journey.  This last characteristic makes them both temporary, and yet distinctly significant within the context of the journey(s) they were drawn for.

These kinds of maps tend to be written on scrap bits of paper, they subsequently get discarded or lost… temporary paths and journeys easily forgotten.

The motivation behind this site is to encourage people to submit little hand-drawn maps they have drawn, had drawn-for them, or even found.  Bringing these little maps together, the idea is to offer a means of interrupting our sense of the ways in which we map, and perceive maps, of our world.

To submit a map, or ask questions:  misinterpretedcomplications@gmail.com .

Please also pop by my main project, MisComp, a banality-negotiating webcomic.